PJs Top Sellers Kit

PJs Top Sellers Kit

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PJs DREAM SHINE 16.9oz. 
This is our latest offering guaranteed to blow your mind! PJs DREAM SHINE is specially designed to make your paint pop. Use as your favourite detail spray and drying aid to prevent water spotting. Can be used on paint, chrome, wheels & glass. Will shine and bead h20 like no other!


PJs Wash & Wax 16.9oz.

PH balanced, biodegradable, non-toxic, eco-friendly and free of harsh detergents. PJs Wash & Wax is designed to maintain a high-gloss finish and pro long your existing coat of wax or sealant. After using this amazing formula you will be amazed with the water beading ability.


PJs Glass Cleaner 16.9oz
This is specially formulated to get rid of tough grease and grime so that you can bring back that new look in no time. This natural-based cleaner is fast acting so that you can directly spray the window cleaner on to the car glass and wipe windows without causing streaking. Our glass cleaner is also safe on quality window tint film.


PJs V.R.C 16.9oz
This is our latest offering that is a silicone-free dressing. V.R.C. was designed to be used in a body shop and is VOC Compliant. Now because it has no silicone, you do not have to worry about it contaminating unpainted panels in your shop. You can use it for detailing & in dealerships. Use this dressing to keep your vehicle looking like new. It looks fantastic on vinyl, trim, plastic, bumpers, engines, & tires. This dressing will restore the shine and keep the rubber and plastic from getting dry and cracking!


PJs Tire Shine 16.9oz
One of our top sellers, that smells AMAZING! This is our eco-friendly professional Tire Shine offerering Next-Level Shine alongside our Adam’s Polishes Tire Shine. Thanks to having some of the highest silicone contents of any dressings on the market, this will give you a high gloss that will last days, sometimes weeks in a dry climate. If you are looking for low gloss, then our Adam’s Polishes Tire Shine is best suited for you.