PJs Essentials Kit

PJs Essentials Kit

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This is a great starters kit for those looking to get into the game!

This kit includes:

PJs DREAM SHINE 16.9oz. 
This is our latest offering guaranteed to blow your mind! PJs DREAM SHINE is specially designed to make your paint pop. Use as your favourite detail spray and drying aid to prevent water spotting. Can be used on paint, chrome, wheels & glass. Will shine and bead h20 like no other!

PJs Wash & Wax 16.9oz.
PH balanced, biodegradable, non-toxic, eco-friendly and free of harsh detergents. PJs Wash & Wax is designed to maintain a high-gloss finish and pro long your existing coat of wax or sealant. After using this amazing formula you will be amazed with the water beading ability. 

PJs Wash Bucket 

PJs Grit Guard
 Most advanced Grit-Guard designed to cancel out the tornado effect when rinsing brushes/mits, causing a vortex that lifts the dirt/debris back up through the grit guard. This new one also had tabs to keep it tight to the bottom of the bucket.

PJs Premium Microfiber Wash Sponge
This latest offering is a super soft, clear coat safe & most effective way to get that perfect finish.With its innovative design, helps prevent wash-induced swirl marks on even the most delicate automotive finishes. This is hands down class leading. If you don`t have one, here it is!

PJs Plush Towel 3pak
More plush than the competition, these are a close 2nd to our ULTRA Plush towels!