Adam’s Standard Foam Gun & Ultra Foam Shampoo 16oz

Adam’s Standard Foam Gun & Ultra Foam Shampoo 16oz

C$79.99 Regular Price
C$67.99Sale Price

A great option for those who are trying to foam down their vehicle with a standard garden hose.

  • Produces a sudsy foam for safer car washing
  • Works With Standard Garden Hose
  • Includes 32oz canister
  • Quick Connect Attachment
  • Ultra Foam For Maximum Amount of Suds


  • 16oz Ultra Foam Shampoo
  • Standard Foam Gun

Adam’s Standard Foam Gun is another option for foaming down your vehicle prior to a proper Two Bucket Wash routine. Here at Adam’s Polishes, we listen to customer feedback as much as possible, and we’ve had more than a few requests for a less expensive Foam Gun option than our Adam’s Premium 32oz Foam Gun. While the new Standard Foam Gun does not have stainless steel hardware or a CNC-machined barrel like our Premium Foam Gun, it does have quality construction that will provide years of use when maintained and cared for properly.