Adam's NEW All Purpose Cleaner

Adam's NEW All Purpose Cleaner


Adam’s All Purpose Cleaner is a fully functional, safe, and effective product for any surface. At full strength, this product is versatile enough to cut even the toughest grease and buildup. When diluted, it is gentle enough to clean body panels, interior components, and even leather. If you have a surface that you need to decontaminate and are not sure which product to grab, you’ve found your match for any surface!


Adam’s All Purpose Cleaner is the only chemical you’ll need for:


Cleaning engine bays and fender wells
Cleaning tires & exhausts tips
Cleaning polishing pads and applicators
Cutting grease and cleaning oxidized plastic and rubber
Cleansing delicate surfaces when diluted up to 90%

Adam’s All Purpose Cleaner is a powerful professional, full-strength cleaner. Use only on a cool surface. Avoid use in direct sunlight if possible. Never allow APC to dry on the surface.


Spray surface, or an Edgeless Utility Towel, generously with APC.
Break loose stubborn dirt and grime with a brush or towel.
Immediately rinse with a strong blast from water hose and dry immediately to avoid water spots or damage. If using on a delicate surface, follow with a microfiber towel dampened with water to avoid possible staining.
If stubborn grime remains, repeat the cleaning process.