Adam`s Leather Conditioner

Adam`s Leather Conditioner

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New Formula Provides Richer Color and Longer Lasting Protection! Conditions Leather, Vinyl, and Plastic Interior Surfaces


New and Improved! Adam's Leather Conditioner was already a show-stopping product, but we made it better by formulating a product that penetrated the leather surface to bring out the color to it’s maximum potential!  Leather in it’s own is an extremely unique and pristine surface-- keep it that way with Adam's Leather Conditioner.  It's the premium interior treatment, but we didn't stop there! Adam's Leather Conditioner offers premium protection for your dash, door panels, and any other hard interior surface.

There’s nothing quite like a fine, leather interior. These days, it's almost impossible to tell where the real leather ends and the faux leather begins. That's because the modern luxury car interior is a combination of real leather, leatherette (vinyl), textured plastics, and plastic coated wood veneers.  That means your leather conditioning product really needs to be a leather, vinyl, and plastic trim conditioning product.  Adam's Leather Conditioner is formulated for exactly what the modern car interior needs.


Adam's Leather Conditioner properly conditions all leather, vinyl and textured plastic interior surfaces, leaving them soft and supple.  The final look has a beautiful appearance that's satin, never slippery or shiny.  A hint of fresh leather aroma remains that is pleasing to the senses, but not overpowering. Premium UV blockers protect your leather upholstery and dashboard from the damaging effects of the sun.

Treat your car's interior with Adam's Leather Conditioner 3-4 times a season to keep it in premium condition for the life of your car.


PRO TIP!  For the best results clean your interior surfaces with Adam's Leather & Interior Cleaner before conditioning.