Adam’s Ceramic Paint Coating

Adam’s Ceramic Paint Coating

Provides long-lasting, extreme hydrophobic effects for painted and finished surfaces.
  • 9H Ceramic Coating
  • Durable, long-lasting paint protection
  • Hydrophobic properties repel water
  • Outstanding gloss and depth
  • 2-Year Ceramic Coating


Adam’s Ceramic Paint Coating is 9H ceramic paint protection program that is extremely glossy and durable. With changes in chemistry and advancements in ceramic-related science, we are now able to analyze the precise method to applying ceramic coatings and the materials needed to do so. We’ve carefully crafted the kit to provide everything you need to properly apply and finish the ceramic coating process.


Adam’s Ceramic Paint Coating is a simple, ready to use system that combines versatility with ease of use. Throughout the time that we have offered a Ceramic Paint Coating, we currently have offered single soft towels or borderless gray towels depending on the kit, but we’ve learned that the plusher the towel, the more oils are taken away during the process.


So why did we change it? We changed the towels supplied to extremely soft, micro suede towels to reduce the amount of product transferred to the towel during the removal process meaning, you have more coating on the actual surface to stick around longer, rather than being absorbed into a microfiber towel during the removal process. These towels are no-pile towels that are 195 GSM. During the removal process, you are taking away surface oils and residues that are left behind as a by-product of the coating beginning to cure, but part of the coating is still present in them. By using these specific coating removal towels, you’re massaging the oils into their place upon removal and taking away only what needs to be removed instead of the actual coating.


What else is new? In addition to the towels, we have completely revamped the Surface Prep used in the process. In each of our ceramic coating kits, we have previously supplied our Surface Prep with a 30% IPA mixture as an effective tool for the coating process. As we have furthered our ceramics offering, and deeply invested ourselves into perfecting ceramics for both the professional and the consumer, we have realized that our previous Surface Prep tended to slightly grab and wasn’t as slick as we wanted during our final wipe downs. We have worked diligently through countless iterations of our Surface Prep to perfect the formula for easy application, fast evaporation, and effective removal for pre-protection applications.

In the detailing world, it’s become testament that preparation is key. Caring for your towels properly, polishing paint to perfection before ceramic coatings, claying the surface before applying wax… Detailing is a combination of compounding steps to ensure a perfect finish is achieved and properly maintained. The highest achievable rank of protection we have to offer is our state-of-the-art ceramic coatings, which require multiple steps to ensure a flawless application. The last step before the ceramic coating process is a thorough wipe with an IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) based solution to remove any existing residues or surface contaminants left behind during the polishing process. If this step isn’t executed properly, all the hard work and efforts you’ve previously performed can all go to waste.


In the kit you find everything you need to apply the coating to your paint and obtain the most-advanced finish possible throughout the process.


Kit Contents:

1- 50ml Paint Coating Bottle
1- 4oz Ceramic Boost
1- 4oz Surface Prep
2- Surface Prep Towels
2- Removal Towels
2- Micro Silk Applicators
1- Pair of Gloves


For Use on Paint:

Step 1: Remove the 4oz bottle of Adam’s Surface Prep and supplied Surface Prep Towel and fold towel into fourths. Prepare your paint and use the supplied 4oz bottle of Adam’s Surface Prep and Surface Prep towel to clean and degrease the surface of any existing protection or residual films. Spritz each surface with a direct spray and once into the towel to optimally clean the surface. For optimal results, users must Wash, Clay/Decontaminate, and Polish their paint for best results.

Step 2: Remove the supplied Ceramic Paint Coating bottle from the packaging and the pair of supplied gloves. With the gloves on, open and begin to dispense the coating onto the supplied Micro silk applicator and begin the coating process. Begin to work the product into the surface, ensuring full coverage over the desired area. Cross hatching motions are favored during this process and overlapping your previous pass by 50%. Since the product is being applied to a clear coated or finished surface, you will notice the product start to flash or “rainbow” after about 30 seconds to a minute depending on climate. After 1-2 minutes, you are ready for removal of the coating.

Step 3: To begin the removal process, remove 1 of the supplied coating removal towels from the packaging and fold the towel into fourths. Begin wiping the coating and applying minimal pressure to the towel. Once fully removed, allow coating to fully cure for 24 hours, free from elements or weathering. Not allowing optimal time will force the coating to cure with whatever elements touches it during the curing process. Once cured, you’re free to enjoy the open road and have coated, perfected paint no matter how harsh the conditions.

Step 4 (Optional): To give your coating that extra pop after application, spray Adam’s Ceramic Boost to the coating to top the coating with an added layer of silica enhancement. Apply as needed.