Adam's 4" Orange Foam Pad (2 Pack)

Adam's 4" Orange Foam Pad (2 Pack)


Remove imperfections and polish paint using Adam's Paint Correcting Polish


As machine polishers have advanced, so have the demands of the pads that attach to them. Adam’s is proud to introduce our Generation 6 Foam Pad System.


Each aspect of the pad design has been carefully considered to deliver maximum performance, durability, and results. Featuring a high-grip velcro backing for maximum adhesion and minimal pad slip, these pads will hold tighter to your machine reducing the chances of an errant pad or mid-polishing delamination in even the most extreme conditions.


We listened to feedback and eliminated the neoprene mid-base section that some users found difficult to avoid putting rubber transfer marks onto the vehicle surface if the side of the pad was accidentally bumped against a panel, which could cause a scare and be somewhat difficult to remove. The convoluted face generates less heat, and the tapered edge design provides stability that will withstand the rigors of high speeds from a cordless drill and Adam's 4" Drill Backing Plate or the oscillations from the Cyclo Model 5 or Rupes Mini polishers. They now have a lower price too!


The specially selected orange foam used in the construction of the Adam's 4" Orange Foam Cutting pad mates up perfectly with the color coordinated Adam's Paint Correcting Polish to make short work of swirls and scratches, while still finishing down extremely cleanly leaving a defect free surface. A unique pre-polymer closed cell foam, the orange polishing face balances strong cutting power with fine finishing ability making this our most versatile pad ever. Thanks to the heavy duty design the 6th Generation pad translates maximum polishing power from the machine into your paint's surface, reducing effort and maximizing results.

Extensive testing and development was done to make sure that each aspect of the Adam's 6th Generation foam pad system maximized performance on a variety of polishers but is specifically tested and designed to maximize the power of the Cyclo Model 5 Pro Mark II, Rupes 75e, and Adam's 4" Drill Backing Plate Adapters.