Make your business stand out & not just outside. Give your customers something unique to talk about your business & why you are different! 


Our Services

  • Commercial Wraps

  • Store Front Signage

  • Interior Wall Wraps

  • Vehicle Lettering

  • Vinyl Banners

  • Posters

  • Logo Design

  • Large Stickers/ Decals

  • Perforated Windows

  • Frosted / Privacy Glass

  • Yard Signs

  • Product Labels

  • And Much More!

Full exterior railings, large LED channel letter sign & container sign designed and installed by PJs Auto Spa


Window perforated door to allow visibility from the inside out & frosted windows to add privacy, UV protection and Sunlight in softly.

Large roof sign to grab attention 


Does your store front stand out?

Our Designer has over a decade of experience designing and installing store fronts 

Eye Catching & Professional looking using long lasting and durable materials this is a investment you will only need to make once!

  • Large LED Signs

  • Window Perf 

  • Frosted Windows

  • Window Lettering

  • Small and Large Signs

  • Interior Designs

  • Storefront Design

  • Parking Signs

  • Logo Design

  • Decals 



We can put your name on just about anything from cars, transports, heavy equipment to banners, posters, decals and more! 

The best part about this investment, is that you pay once and it will last 10+ years. unlike social media and radio ads that are ongoing payments This will get you noticed immediately and is a great ways for clients to begin interacting with you to make a sale!